1v1 in the Final Third Popular

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In this activiity, we replicate 1v1s - the task is for the defender to try to recover quickly against an onrushing attacker.  After the initial drill, move on to a 1v1 game at the end - it's great fun and a fantastic way to develop skills further.  

Dynamic Movements Popular

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This activity introduces players to a wide variety of individual ball mastery and skill moves.  It encourages players to work with a pace and rhythm.  Versatility in movement is important so look for each player to be on his toes.

Fast Flags Popular

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This is a great warm-up as it gets players working at a high tempo in preparation for training or match day.  Close control and good dribbling skills are essentil for players to be able to complete the task quickly and efficiently.  It's also ideal for teaching players ho to position well - both in terms of where the flags are and where their opponents are.

Find the Gap Popular

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When a gap opens up on the other side of the opposition defense, how quickly can your team switch play to create a scoring chance?  Use this session to teach players how to do it.  This session helps players learn how to open up the opposition when they are out of balance by moving the ball quickly to attack down their weakest side.

Funny Turns Popular

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The main objective of this activity is to get players to turn with the ball under close control.  Additionally it encourages the players to use their creative when coming up with any way they can of turning with the ball, however unorthodox.

King of the Ring Popular

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This activityhelps players with their close control, turning, tackling, defending and decision making.  

Long Pass, Short Pass Popular

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Many of you will be taking on new teams of the coming weeks and months.  When I first meet a group of new players, I like to be able to assess them by using a few exercises that test skill levels, whilst ensuring it's still a session that the kids enjoy.  And central to this is putting on a practice that players will not find too hard nor to easy.  To do this, exercises that can be adapted quickly so as to be able to alter difficulty are essential.  This particular activity can be used to test the passing ranges of individual players.

Outside or Inside Popular

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This is an activity that uses visual and audible cues.  When the coach turns around the players know a call is imminent, and should position themselves on or near the dividing line of the outer or inner boxes.  This is a good rehearsal for th same positional sense they'll need to adopt in match situations - looking for cues and responding.  They also need to listen out for th call - again, in much the same way that they would do in a match situation.

Rob the Bank Popular

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Here's a game that's great for practicing dribbling and passing skills.  It's perfect for five to eight-year-olds, and you can involve the whole squad from the off.  Speed and timing is crucial, with players capitalising on policemen engaged with other players.  And close control is important too!

Speedy 2v1s Popular

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In every match, and in every area of the pitch, overload situations make a telling contribution, particularly if combined with speed and good close control.  Here's a practice that replicates the most common overload - a 2v1.  Two attackers need to work a way around the square and pass into each corner without the defender winning the ball.

Star Gates Popular

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This is a small game that is designed to help players improve their passing, dribbling, timing and angle of forward runs.

Switch On Popular

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Use this session to encourage your team to switch play in order to keep theopposition defenders unbalanced and to create attacking opportunities.  Changing the direction of play requires players to scan the field, control the ball with an open body position and play passes in a different direction from where they received it.  This session gets players to adopt the correct body position, enabling them to make quick switches and open up space to attack.

The Drag Scissors Popular

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The drag scisors is a great skill for a winger who wants to buy time and make space.  If young players are facing a very fast defender they sometimes need to do more than just feint to get past them - they need to make the defender go the wrong way in order to create more time and space to use the ball.  This is a great skill to help a winger cut inside and head into the penalty area.

The Skills Corridor Popular

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This session is great for match realism and the coaching of dribbling and 1v1 skills.  Players can use a number of ways to get past the guarding defenders, so decision-making is key to the success of the session.  

Tomb Raiders Popular

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This acitivy helps improve players ability in possesion, to connect short passes.  Additionally it can be used to help defenders recognize when best to step in and intercept the pass.

Treasure Hunt Popular

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This is a great game that improves players' dribbling and defending skills.  It's best for young players - between the ages of five and eight.