Static Defence Popular

In Defensive Principles 4845 downloads

Sometimes it's hard to explain the basics of the offside rule to children, so this training session helps them to learn by showing it to them in action.  Getting players to learn where and when they are offside can be a tricky business but this session can help them understand.

Switch On Popular

In Passing and Receiving 6053 downloads

Use this session to encourage your team to switch play in order to keep theopposition defenders unbalanced and to create attacking opportunities.  Changing the direction of play requires players to scan the field, control the ball with an open body position and play passes in a different direction from where they received it.  This session gets players to adopt the correct body position, enabling them to make quick switches and open up space to attack.

The Drag Scissors Popular

In Dribbling and Ball Mastery 6234 downloads

The drag scisors is a great skill for a winger who wants to buy time and make space.  If young players are facing a very fast defender they sometimes need to do more than just feint to get past them - they need to make the defender go the wrong way in order to create more time and space to use the ball.  This is a great skill to help a winger cut inside and head into the penalty area.

The Real Madrid Game Popular

In Attacking Principles 4347 downloads

This is a great game that develops football vision, encouraging players to use quick passing moves, and to take goalscoring opportunities when they present themselves.  The progressions in this game are important as they take players out of their comfort zones.

The Skills Corridor Popular

In Dribbling and Ball Mastery 6254 downloads

This session is great for match realism and the coaching of dribbling and 1v1 skills.  Players can use a number of ways to get past the guarding defenders, so decision-making is key to the success of the session.  

Tomb Raiders Popular

In Passing and Receiving 6192 downloads

This acitivy helps improve players ability in possesion, to connect short passes.  Additionally it can be used to help defenders recognize when best to step in and intercept the pass.

Treasure Hunt Popular

In Dribbling and Ball Mastery 6520 downloads

This is a great game that improves players' dribbling and defending skills.  It's best for young players - between the ages of five and eight.

Two-Goal vs One-Goal Popular

In Attacking Principles 4292 downloads

Here's a great game that tests your players' decision-making as they are presented with two goals in which to score.  Can they switch play quickly to create a chance?  Ths is a quick transition game, with teams having to be alert to fast changes between attack to defence.  Team communication is essential as well, particularly because attacking and defending options vary with each attack - attacking a central goal, or using the width of the pitch in attacking wide goals.