TC United Adult
Captain Responsibilities

Captains Overview

Captains are an important piece of the system that will make TC United Adult Soccer League function well. Captains will communicate with their teams, make sure they are at the right field at the right time and ready to go at game time. The captain helps set the lineup and the substitution system. During the game, the captain is the team's liaison with the referees. If a teammate loses his or her temper, the captain should step in and help calm things down.

The most important role of Team Captain is to serve as a communication conduit for the league. They can help explain procedures to the players, and they can help make sure that a player's voice is heard concerning any aspect of the league. Good communication in all directions will help the league meet the needs of the players, and captains are the key.

Captain Responsibilities

Attend Team Captain Meetings
The Team Captain shall attend any meeting scheduled by the league for Team Captains in order to review, update, and educate the teams on rule, policy, or procedural changes. Additional meetings may be scheduled as necessary and designated by the league. Team Captains are required to attend these meetings in person or designate a teammate to represent the team if the Team Captain cannot attend.
Communicate with your team
It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to pass on all information that is presented at the Team Captain Meetings or emailed/text to them by the league to their players, even if they do not personally attend the meetings. If a representative attends the meeting in place of the Team Captain, the Team Captain is still responsible for passing that information along to their team.
Game-Time Communications
The Team Captain will be the only person contacted by the league in the event of a game change or cancellation. It is your responsibility to pass this information along to all of your teammates. You must also always make sure your contact information is current with the league. The league will not be held responsible for missed communications resulting from outdated or unusable contact information.
Rosters and Eligibility
Team Captains are responsible for updating the Field Marshal in the event of a roster change, prior to game time. The Team Captain will be responsible for checking the team in as well as advising the Field Marshal of any non-rostered registered players to the team’s roster for that game.
Team Captains must make sure all players reporting to a game are in their corresponding jerseys. Any non-rostered registered players that will be playing for a different team must wear a pinnie, shirt, or jersey that is the same color as the team they will be playing for. (They may borrow the missing teammate’s assigned jersey for that game only).
Pick up all trash left behind after a game
The Team Captain is responsible for making sure that their team is leaving the field in a clean and playable condition. This includes picking up all water bottles, food wrappers, etc. that may have been left by their teammates or opponents.
Know the Rules
Team Captains are responsible for learning and communicating the League’s Rules and Regulations.
Be a good example for all players
Reinforce a positive attitude on and off the field for all players to follow.