TC United
Club Mission Statement and Vision

Mission Statement

Our Mission
To Provide a pathway of success for ALL youth players of Tooele County so they can succeed in their future endeavors on and off the field.

Vision Statement

Our Vision
TC United is dedicated to giving the players and community of Tooele County a soccer program that strives in the development, progress, and growth of the club members. We want to give the athletes of Tooele County a safe and fun learning environment that not only prepares them for the game of soccer but for life as well.

As a club we want to strive to be the best in everything that we do. We accomplish this by setting and adhering to the following strict club values:

Having pride in our team, club, and community
Being committed to being the best through having coaches and administrators that are willing to look at the big picture and put the kids before themselves
Having passion for the game of soccer and life
Showing respect for the opponents we face, the game officials, the fields and equipment we use
Promoting the importance of education
Keeping in mind that we are representing the team, club, and community
Believing in dealing with honesty on and off the field
Creating a successful future for players through giving the opportunities to learn and grow in the game and in life
Showing the utmost integrity when dealing with opposing teams and officials
Taking accountability of the youth in our program to develop them to their full potential
Making it a point to have coaches that have knowledge and ability to teach the technical and tactical aspects of the game